Brennan Noailles Intro Questions

  1. Provide your name, major, year in school (sophomore, junior, etc).
  2. Name: Brennan Noailles, Majors: Operation and Supply Chain Managment and Chinese, Year: Senior

  3. Tell me a bit about your background and what prompted you to take this class.
  4. A friend recommend this class to me and I've always had an interest in how websites work and webdesign.

  5. Do you have any experience with HTML/CSS/JS? If so, tell me a bit about it.
  6. Nope, but I am proficient in inspect element....

  7. Name one thing you hope to learn in this class.
  8. When I see an interesting feature on a website understand how it works and the code behind it.

  9. Name one way you expect designing for screen to be different from designing for paper.
  10. Simulatianiously more restrictions but also more capabilities than designing on paper.

  11. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective design. Explain your choice.

    Nike's customer base is so wide and so diverse that it is likely hard for them to predict which products a particular consumer would like to see on their landing page. As a result they take on a soft selling approach my primarly emphazing the nature, feeling and look of their products on the home page versus trying to drive the customer to a quick conversion/sale. The positioning of the photos on the homepage lends the viewers age to the product categories displayed on the bar above. This soft selling appoach and sleek web design makes for a very effect combination and website.

  13. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective communication. Explain your choice.

    Wolfram Alpha is "knowledge engine" which emphasizes free acesss to information. The website effectively covers a range a disciplines all while providing a seemless experience connected all by one query bar.

  15. Provide a link to a website you think works well. Explain your choice.

    BCG does a nice job of balancing the needs of different sets of website visitors. They have relevent and easily navagable conent for those looking for their services, those interesting in expanding their knowledge, and those seeking employment. They have a diversity of content on their website whch keeps visitors interested.